Draft Documents

The following Draft Memorandums are available for public review:

Draft Tech Memo #1 - Plans & Policies Review
This memo documents the applicable plans and policies are should be considered during the update to the Lake County and City of Paisley TSPs.

Draft Tech Memo #2 - Goals & Objectives
This memo documents the goals and objectives of the TSP updates. These goals and objectives will be used to identify and prioritize transportation improvement projects.

Draft Tech Memo #3 - Existing Conditions
This memo documents existing conditions within the County and City of Paisley. This document will serve as a baseline for future work for the TSP update.

Draft Tech Memo #4 - Future Conditions
This memo documents future conditions and needs within the County and the City of Paisley.

Draft Tech Memo #5 - Alternatives Analysis
Based on Tech Memos 1-4, this document identifies projects that could be included in the transportation system plan for the County and City.